THIS is the Soboleff-McRae Veterans Village and Wellness Center in Haines, Alaska.  This project -- to build a 2-story, 20,000 sq. ft. place for veterans and wellness services --  is about valuing people and community.  We are one small town taking action to resolve some of our own community housing and space needs.  We want our veterans to have the choice to age in their own town, feel welcome and not move away.  So we built a home for them on the second story of the building.  The first veteran residents moved in in July.  We want our community healthcare services to be equipped to serve in a modern facility.  So we are building healthcare offices in the ground floor of the building.  And we need your support.  Thank you for your donation to the project.  We hope you come visit.

"If the men and women who sacrificed for us are ignored, then our town is just a hollow shell.  At best, we can only attempt to repay the debt to these friends among us by at least making sure they have a safe, decent home in their own community." - James Studley, Haines Assisted Living, Inc. (Project Manager) Board President

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